We believe that through effective teaching, health and physical educators can help students develop the ability and confidence to be physically active and make healthy choices. As educators, our guidance can also help foster their desire to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in the years to come. It’s a simple, but powerful belief that drives and unites us as an organization


who we are

SHAPE DC - Society of Health and Physical Educators in DC is a membership of health and physical education professionals in the nation's capitol. 


our vision

A city where all children have the skills, confidence and desire to lead healthy and physically active lives.


Our Mission

It is the mission of SHAPE DC to advance professional practice and promote research related to health and physical education, physical activity, dance, and sport in the District of Columbia.

We should not exercise the body without the joint assistance of the mind; nor exercise the mind without the joint assistance of the body.
— Plato

our focus

  • Professional development
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Support